Being born and raised in Northern Michigan, I grew up knowing the true beauty of having four seasons, that it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing water, and that you spend your summers at the lake and winters indoors freezing (or at least in my case!). After attending Western Michigan University (go Broncos!), where I joined the Chi Omega sorority, I fulfilled my dream of moving out west. I spent 3 years in Las Vegas working as a buyer for Zappos and then found my way to Newport Beach, California. In Newport, I had my dream job working for Urban Decay Cosmetics, and learned from my amazing mentors that passion and career truly can collide. After learning the ins and outs of both the apparel and beauty industry from the best mentors, I decided to take on my own dream of opening my own boutique. Bringing my west coast soul home, I started my new venture in finding Grey.


Oh, before I forget, why the name Grey? I think we all learn that in life, nothing is black and white. You just have to hold on and enjoy the journey.


Thank you for joining me and being a special part of my journey!


I hope you love shopping with me online as much as you do in store!