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L*Space X Lindsay Albanese Toptote

Sale price$59.00

Proud to share our limited edition L*Space X TOPTOTE designed in collaboration with Lindsay Albanese. We enhanced our classic design by adding a playful gold star charm for a little somethin' somethin'. 

  • 5 1/2" long hat holder.
  • 0.9" long gold star charm
  • 3/8" hex clasp opening (attaches to most handbag straps)
  • L*SPACE Star Detail
  • Non-leather with Raffia trim
  • One Size
  • High-powered magnet closure to secure your hat on the-go
  • Holds most hats depending on brim thickness.
  • Style #LSTTLS22
  • +U.S. Pat. No. 10,413,047
How to use:

TOPTOTE is a patented hat holder that attaches to your handbag, luggage or beltloop and allows you to travel with your hat, hands free. TOPTOTE is a hat holder, not a hat lock. Please be careful when in-use.

Where to wear it? A solution for all hat wearers, travelers and especially moms who need hands free, early morning flights when you don't want to wear your hat to the airport, bike rides, going to the beach, hiking, windy days (TOPTOTE fastens to your bag so it doesn't blow away on land or water),getting from point A to point B