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Mercy Twist Front Tank

Sale price$103.00

A chic twist on your classic sweetheart tank. Pairs well with all your summer plans… (This one comes in Jet Black.)

Form-fitting. Snug through the bust, waist, and hips.

95% Pima Cotton, 5% Spandex. 3 months to biodegrade depending on soil conditions, but the Spandex portion will remain anywhere from 20-200 years.

What we love:
-Pima Cotton is native to Peru, and unlike other cotton varietals, is drought tolerant
-Harvested entirely by hand, making the fabric extra durable. Because of this durability, the garment will naturally have a longer lifespan
-A local “seed to garment” approach in Peru, which dramatically reduces the carbon footprint
Fabric scraps from cuttings are bundled and re-purposed into mops, rags and mattress fillers ensuring a circular supply chain

Garment care: Machine washable. To prevent any slight shrinking, air dry or dry on a low setting. We also recommend washing these items separate from abrasive items like denim, towels, or items with hardware (zippers, buttons) as it causes unnecessary wear and tear. Turning your garment inside out while washing will keep your garment looking good for longer.

Color:Jet Black
Mercy Twist Front Tank
Mercy Twist Front Tank Sale price$103.00